About me

Currently, I’m the third-year Ph.D. student in School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University. I’m advised by Prof. Kewei Tu. My researches are mainly focused on Structured Prediction (Syntactic/Semantic Dependency Parsing, Sequence Labeling, NAS in structured prediction), Knowledge Distillation and Multilingual NLP. Currently, I’m working as research intern in the Alibaba Damo Academy collaborating with Yong Jiang.

Here are my Publications and CV.


2021-04: I got Excellent Intern award, which is for the top 12 outstanding interns at Alibaba Group in 2020.

2020-10: Our paper Automated Concatenation of Embeddings for Structured Prediction was released on the ArXiv.

2020-10: Our paper Structural Knowledge Distillation was released on the ArXiv.

2020-09: Our paper AIN: Fast and Accurate Sequence Labeling with Approximate Inference Network was accepted to the Main Conference of EMNLP 2020!

2020-09: Our paper More Embeddings, Better Sequence Labelers? was accepted to Findings of EMNLP 2020!

2020-09: Our paper Second-Order Neural Dependency Parsing with Message Passing and End-to-End Training was accepted to AACL 2020!

2020-04: Our paper Structure-Level Knowledge Distillation For Multilingual Sequence Labeling was accepted to ACL 2020!